Conference Tour

3 days Post Conference Tour to Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum

Day 01
Amman –  Dead Sea (L/D)

After breakfast , drive to Dead Sea  and enjoy with hotel amenities and floating in Dead Sea, dinner and overnight at hotel (4 star)  
Day 02                                                
Dead Sea  – Petra Visit – Petra  (B/L/D)

After breakfast , drive to Petra and Enjoy a full guided tour of the many sites of Petra. Petra was carved into the rose-red Sharah Mountains by the Nabateans and lost to Civilization until re-discovered by the Swiss Burkhardt. Around 11,000 BC Stone Age man was already exploiting the abundant natural resources of the Petra region, particularly wild goats and by 7000 BC some of the world’s earliest farmers were living in a walled village at Beidha, cultivating cereals and collecting nuts and fruits.  But Petra really came to prominence in the 7C BC when the Edomites settled on Umm al-Biyara and other mountain strongholds and built a town at Tawilan above ’Ain Musa, in the hills to the north.  Subject to Assyria, Babylonia, and then Persia, Edom in the 3C BC became the nucleus of an Arab state, the Nabateans kingdom and its capital at Petra.  Originally from North Arabia, the Nabateans are first mentioned by the 1C BC historian Diodorus, who relates that in 312 BC Antigonus, the One-Eyed sent his general Athenaeus against ‘the land of the Arabs who are called Nabateans’, at that time a nomadic people who raised cattle and sheep and could survive for long periods in the desert, where they created a network of secret underground reservoirs.  Athenaeus attacked a certain strong, though un-walled rock, perhaps the great massif of Umm al-Biyara at Petra, where the Nabateans had left their valuables, elders, women and children while celebrating a festival, killed some of the Arabs there and made off with vast quantities of frankincense, myrrh and silver.  Some 150 years later the Nabateans had settled and Petra was the capital of an organized state, walk through the Siq, a narrow and winding fissure between the cliffs, to reach the Treasury, the Roman Theater, the Courts, Qasr Bint Pharaoun, Temple of the Winged Lion and other monuments. Overnight in Petra .  

Day 03                                 
Petra – Wadi Rum - Amman  (B/L)

This morning transfer, Drive to Wadi Rum,  a moonscape terrain of ancient river beds, wind-sculpted mountains, vast desert vistas and smooth, pastel-colored sands.  You will meet long skirted legionnaires offering cardamom-spiced coffee at the "Beau Geste" outpost.  Enjoy with 02 hours jeep tour at this oasis home to the film "Lawrence of Arabia."  A truly “out of this world” experience back to Amman hotel for overnight

Tour Itinerary of 3 Days Tour to Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum
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T-2 3 Days Tour to Dead Sea, Petra and Wadi Rum Small Group with all conference delegates, English speaking tour guide, 3 nights hotel in 4 star hotel, entrance fee, meals during the trip with 1 soft drink, transportation.
You do not need to pay extra fee during the trip.
*It is exclusive your personal expenditures.
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