Call for Abstract (Only for speaker within 1 page)

The PCS conference committee welcomes all delegates to submit papers for presentation under the topics of MENA NSS-2017 listed below:

  1. Basic Research and Technology Innovation
  2. Clinic Challenges and Therapy Strategies
  3. Major Diseases Management

Please note the deadline for final abstract submission is 15 July, 2017. All selected papers will be published in the conference proceedings.

Download the template of the paper and send it to mail to: nss@pcsconference.com when you fill it out. As for limited pages for the papers, please submit your paper before the deadline in advance as soon as possible.

Every speaker is required to prepare abstract by use our template form. Final abstract should be submitted before the deadline approach. Late submission may cause your abstract or information to be removed from conference proceedings. We suggest you submit your first round abstract within 30 days when you are confirmed as one of the speakers.